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Odysseus Group

Odysseus provides consultancy, support and training to organizations going through growth and transformation processes with a specific emphasis on Project and Portfolio Management. Answering questions such as: 

  • How do we implement Project and Portfolio management and supporting PPM software?
  • Our PMO hub & spoke model needs improvements and agile readiness 
  • Various stakeholders are trying to unilaterally influence our project priorities. How do we balance contradictory interests within our company?

Why Odysseus

The feedback of our customers and partner describes the unique values that differentiate us:

  • The Innovation Laboratory focuses on creating pragmatic solutions that fulfill business needs. Set the industry agenda in Project & Portfolio Management
  • The High Performance Culture illustrates best by "delivering beyond expectation".
  • Focus on self supporting organizations combined with a Continious Improvement framework.
  • True partnership with real professionals delivering sustainable and scaleable solutions.




Please find below a fantastic Virtual Reality experience, focusing on Project Portfolio Management with ‘Magnesium PPM’.
This is an IT4IT best practice developed by Logicalis SMC and Odysseus. Best viewed with VR-glasses. If you don't have any, please let us know and we'll send you a pair!

If the VR Experience is not showing correctly, please use the link to our You Tube channel: https://youtu.be/J2opiMRXv5Q


Always think out of the box and innovate in small steps but always have in mind a specific vision!! Put your imagination to work, and through creativity achieve goals connected to that vision…

We're not the only ones excited about our services

Meet our customers

We're not the only ones excited about our services

Meet our customers