"Providing Outstanding from the Inside services since 1999"

Company profile

Odysseus Group is over 17 years leading in business consultancy for Project and Portfolio Management. Our aim is to establish long-term relationships with our clients. Current clients describe Odysseus as committed yet flexible. We adjust to changes in your organization yet we keep a critical eye to ensure we achieve pre-set goals. In short, our consultants utilize knowledge from the outside to ensure that improvement is generated from within. Our motto is: 'Outstanding from the Inside'.

Odysseus has created the right ecosystem of partners to provide the knowledge, support and experience to address all PPM related situations. Our partner network is comprised of leading global consulting, technology and knowledge organizations.


Friends of Odysseus

The Friends of Odysseus is an initiative inspired by our customers. It is a program that has been launched with the purpose of setting up a community of people who are involved in- or are responsible for Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) within their organizations. Odysseus wants to be an industry leader but can only do so through active participation by people who want to share knowledge within a network, with the further possibility of collaboration and innovation.

PPM is still a young field and is often positioned highly on the ambition list of many companies. Representatives of these companies can become a part of the Friends of Odysseus network. Odysseus facilitates this community for its customers and relations so that they have the opportunity to share best practices and to meet other PPM peers and professionals that all have one common goal: to give more direction to Project & Portfolio Management and to focus on what matters!

Participants in this community form a network and adhere to the following basic principles of the Friends of Odysseus program. Members are end-representatives of a customer who are:
•Active in any of the PPM functions of their organization;
•Willing to share own know-how and best practices;
•Interested in learning from other members;
•Keen on participating in discussions on key PPM challenges and opportunities;
•Eager to integrate internal and external expertise to develop ideas;
•Open for calls and/or visits by other members;
•Enthusiastic about the 'inside out' principle of sharing knowledge and experience;
•Into 'open innovation' philosophy.

The network will be supported by the Odysseus website and by a group on LinkedIn, as well as through periodic PPM e-mails sent by Odysseus. Initially, discussions can be initiated between members via the above forums. Eventually the program will host small events such as round tables, information gatherings or 'meet and greet' sessions; these may be coordinated by Odysseus but the aspiration is that members will become motivated enough to organize similar events for the Friends of Odysseus community.

If you would like more information on the Friends of Odysseus program, please send a mail to ppm@odysseusnl.com or feel free to contact us directly by phone at +31 (0) 85 484 73 06. If you are interested in becoming a Friend of Odysseus you must register at the above mail address; you may opt out of the program whenever you desire.

The Friends of Odysseus program is free to members wanting to take part and contribute to this knowledge-sharing community in a positive manner. Members should have no commercial intention for indirect or direct selling propositions. Furthermore, service providers are not permitted to become members. Odysseus reserves the right to decline or terminate membership at any time.