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Wouldn’t it be great if PPM tools would allow you to use them as if you were standing in front of a whiteboard? Having a brainstorm session with your peers and drafting a list of future initiatives and placing them roughly on a timeline. Sizing the initiatives with as little as duration, costs, benefits and required capacity. But still have it saved online for a next session instead of saving it to your photo gallery on your cellphone.


Last week I visited the Microsoft Project and Portfolio (PPM) Partner summit in Prague. News was shared, visions were exposed, hands were shaken and a great wine-tour was taken. Afterwards, I took an Uber to my Airbnb while having a video chat with my friend about my new Amazon purchase. Took me less than 2min to get it done. Easy. Technologies’ potential seems to be unlimited, but it is us people that are the limiting factor more than ever.


Expectations were high when we set out on our ServiceNow adventure in the Nevada desert earlier this month: Knowledge18 in Vegas. It did not disappoint. The words listen, learn, act, repeat still buzzed in our ears when we left for our road trip – hardly needed after all the information, news, people and great experiences we consumed at Knowledge18.