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The Program and Portfolio Management Maturity Model is an effective tool for organizations to decide quickly what PPM improvements they should make to enhance their organization's ability to optimize investments, execute big changes and deliver value.


Key Findings
◼  Real project, program and portfolio management, when operating at the level of well-integrated practices, is the key enabler that allows organizations to identify and execute strategic change.

◼  Any meaningful undertakings to enhance or evolve the program and portfolio management (PPM) function must pay more than lip service to organizational structure, business model and culture to have any chance of success.

◼  Competitive pressures and changing market conditions are forcing organizations toward Level 3, and most organizations still aren't ready to make the leap.

◼  At any level of PPM maturity, focus first on helping the organization make well-informed investment choices. This will improve the odds of project success more than any other factor.

◼  For organizations that require enterprisewide change and capabilities, it is worth the effort to pursue Level 4, where enterprise PPM practices are built.

◼  Identify objectives for your enterprise, and use them to identify the most salient improvement opportunities for your enterprise.

◼  Meticulously manage the change involved in maturing/improving your PPM capabilities.




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