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Meisterplan Resource & Project Portfolio Planning Software

Meisterplan Resource & Project Portfolio Planning Software

Meisterplan is the result of more than 15 years of experience in project and portfolio management. It was developed by itdesign, a software and consulting company from southern Germany. As long-time experts in project and portfolio management, itdesign specializes in the development of resource intelligence systems for management support.

Plan easier than ever before – without extensive training.

Interactively plan your project portfolio in Meisterplan. In order to do so, you don’t need extensive training. Observe and respect complex dependencies with a glance, and resolve bottlenecks with only a few clicks. The resulting plan simulates changes and shows consequences in real time, which helps to build a coherent project portfolio in terms of strategy, resources and budgets.

Meisterplan is effective immediately.

With Meisterplan you can be productive within days – and without extensive implementation and training. Is your organization missing a standardized project management process? Don’t worry! In order to effectively use Meisterplan, you won’t need to introduce a standardized project management method. Simply import your project data using Excel or pull it from your existing PPM system and directly start your project portfolio planning.

Visualize, analyze and comprehend your portfolio data.

What is the best mix of external and internal capacities? Which location works most efficiently? Integrated Tableau reporting makes data visible and helps you to understand it. Analyze portfolio data swiftly, visualize it, create dashboards in minutes and share them with others. Find answers to your questions quickly and without additional programming effort.



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