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Freemium Solutions

 "Free" is just another price. It's about giving and taking and helping each-other with sharing practices to further professionalize the eco-system of PPM.

The Voice of the Customer is crucial to us. Striving always for compliments by delivering beyond expectations, we truly believe and heavily invest in our eco-system with partners-clients-vendors-analysts. Attending Technology conventions, Driving Analysts briefings, Organizing Roundtables and Webinars and especially introducing friends of Odysseus with each other is typically Odysseus.  



Especially our PPM Technology partners often organize webinars about roadmap information. The partners behind them often facilitate deep dive content sessions based on implementation practices.



The best way of doing (new) business together is avoid theoretical discussions upfront and start acting asap to benefit directly from joint energy. To build trust and define the scope-approach-objectives, workshops are the best mechanism for a jumpstart.



At least several times per year as well on-request, together with 'friends of Odysseus', we facilitate roundtable sessions for professionals in the field of PPM & PMO.

We're not the only ones excited about our services

Meet our customers

We're not the only ones excited about our services

Meet our customers